Wholesale Cloud Connect: Enabling Secure And Reliable Cloud Connectivity At Scale




Optimize application server performance 

Consolidated Communications offers data centre and colocation services that cater to the needs of cloud providers, carriers, and IT managers. These services provide various access options to support business growth, develop disaster recovery solutions, and optimize application server performance.  These data centres offer a range of services to meet diverse requirements. 

Physical and environmental obstacles 

The company also specializes as custom Wholesale colocation data centre. They leverage their extensive experience to design and implement tailored network solutions in challenging locations beyond their existing fibre routes and buildings. This includes tasks like cabling through remote forests in Minnesota or deploying fibre to mountaintop cell towers in California. Their technicians, familiar with the local communities, are skilled at overcoming the physical and environmental obstacles of each region. 

Offering single servers, cages, and racks 

The current and the following passages discuss the differences between retail and wholesale colocation options provided by colocation data centres. Retail colocation involves leasing options for small businesses, offering single servers, cages, and racks. It is suitable for budget-conscious businesses. On the other hand, wholesale colocation is preferred by larger enterprises that require larger spaces, such as entire rooms or facilities. 

Designing, building, and maintaining their internal resources 

In wholesale colocation, power usage is metered, meaning the enterprise is responsible for paying for the energy consumed. Wholesale customers have autonomy over their infrastructure and are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining their internal resources. They may not require extensive network diversity. 

Equipment maintenance and management 

In contrast, retail colocation providers charge a flat fee and are suitable for small businesses with minimal space and power requirements. Power requirements can scale as the business grows. Retail colocation offers extensive carrier diversity, allowing businesses to connect with various networks, partners, and service providers. In retail colocation, the data centre staff manages the servers, whereas in wholesale colocation, the enterprise’s staff is responsible for equipment maintenance and management. 

Hybrid solutions 

The narration concludes by mentioning that hybrid solutions combining elements of both wholesale and retail colocation are emerging in the market, providing businesses with more options to suit their requirements and budgets. 

Merits of using Cloud Connect 

The content highlights the benefits of using Cloud Connect, a service that allows customers to combine  security of a private cloud with the scalability and efficiency of the public cloud. Cloud Connect offers connectivity to a diverse ecosystem of cloud partners through the Bell Wholesale network. It provides five classes of service to accommodate various speed and bandwidth requirements. 

Mission-critical workloads 

Cloud offers SLA options with guaranteed uptime, ensuring that customers stay connected to their cloud services. Cloud Connect provides extensive coverage. Additionally, technical expertise is available to assist in building and provisioning cloud solutions, along with 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure smooth operations. 

High-performance on-ramp to major Cloud Service Providers 

This material emphasizes the importance of providing secure and reliable cloud solutions as the adoption of cloud services increases. Uniti’s Cloud Connect offers customers a highly secure and high-performance on-ramp to major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Azure, AWS, and Google. It achieves this through direct Ethernet network connectivity to data centres located in Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; and Ashburn, VA; beyond and above the could-be or would-be multiple sites within Australia and the rest of the world. 

Direct Ethernet network connectivity 

By utilizing Cloud Connect, customers and their end-users gain access to a fully-managed and scalable fibre network solution tailored to meet diverse speed and bandwidth requirements. The solution offers private Layer 2 Ethernet connectivity with a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring the speed, performance, and reliability demanded by end-users. 

Secured connections 

Using Private, Layer 2 fibre Ethernet connections, Wholesale Cloud Connect helps avoid security attacks common to IP (DDoS) and offers a more stable performance VS IP (jitter, packet loss and latency). Connect directly into highly secure, geo-diverse data centres on our MPLS backbone. 

Cost effectiveness 

Cost-friendly Ethernet-based solution, supporting multiple cloud provider connections on a single circuit for lower egress fees and additional savings. 

Simplified co-working 

Our Cloud Connect is a single source for your cloud connectivity needs, with access to multiple CSPs across a common network path and experts always available to configure and manage this end-to-end solution.