Five Essentials For Your Small Trade

Things can get very competitive for small businesses, where even the smallest upgrade can count. The better prepared your livelihood is, the more chances it has to survive and thrive. Although there are many differences in each individual business, such as the manpower backing up your company, the IT support available, and specially your total budget, here are five essentials you need to add on to your office, to let your business soar to new heights.

A multi-functional all-in-one scanner/printer/copier/fax
A printer/copier/scanner/fax unit is the most basic and fundamental tech essential to an office, it’s probably also one of the most used equipment in an office. It might not seem like it at first, but any business is generally well known to ‘eat’ paper. A decent All-in-one printing unit would cost you an average price of A$430.

Accounts manager
Account management is a very important task in running a business. Using a cloud financial manager will make that job much easier, with the perk of being a relatively low cost service. Some of these services even give you facilities like online tracking tools and financial transaction-processing. Check review websites for in depth information on these services individually, see this great business phone systems.

Telephone line
The introduction of the VoIP phone systems for small businesses took over the rather conventional landlines by storm. You might argue that fixed telephone lines are an unnecessary expense in the modern world of the smart phone, but a fixed line is a requirement as most people would not consider your company as professional.

A broadband connection is mandatory to set up the VoIP phone systems for small businesses. You might need to upgrade to a bigger broadband package, depending on the frequency of calls received and the average data consumption. In the near future, partially free VoIP supported by multiple platforms may overtake the more traditional VoIP telephone systems, as the application based VoIP supports has more functionality like video conferencing, etc…

External hard-drive backup
Backing up all your data periodically is of utmost importance. In the events of a fire or acts of god, you can very easily lose very crucial data for running your company. Losing this data will play a big toll on your business. For security reasons, encrypt your back up hard-drive. If possible keep multiple back up hard- drives in store. You can also choose to back up your data online, make sure to research and apply the latest encryption software to your online, cloud based backup, closing the vulnerability of losing valuable data to hackers.